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The beauty of the peacock that was once known to roam the lands of the royal and privileged can now be yours in this stylized peacock quilt. Enjoy the brilliant colors of fanned plumage with a hint of the art-deco era. And for an added dimension, the eye of each feather is accented with full-fluffy Chenille By The Inch. Enjoy this artful rendition of one of nature's most beautiful works of art.

Chenille By The Inch

Cute, cuddy kitties, bunnies and bears with Chenille By The Inch tummies will tickle your fancy and win your heart. Instructions include how to use Chenille By The Inch as patches to create areas of warm fluffy chenille.

Finished size: 47 in x 47 (119 x 119 cm) in.

requirements: 1 package of Limeade #07, 1/2 package each of Blue Moon #09 and Eggplant #05.

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Project Pack Available
Includes all Chenille By The Inch
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