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Marcus_Brick_R54-0666-1042 EOB Special Choice_Patriotic Prints_BD-48489-A03 QT-Fabrics_Circle-of_Friends_1649-27365-ZK - 28 in. EOB Special
Manufacturer: Marcus Fabrics
Mfgr's Name: Brick
Mfgr's Item/Style: R54-0666-1042
Mfgr's Color No: -
Fiber: 100% cotton
Width: 44/45 inches (112/114 cm)

End of Bolt Special - 0.75 yd (27 inches). Price based on $10.00 / yd. - Regularly $11.00 / yd.

Gray vines with violet dots from the QT Fabrics - Circle of Friends fabric line.

This is a curated fabric by Donna Robertson.
Special thanks to QT Fabrics.
QT_Metals_1649-23538-ZK Kaufman KONA Solids - Bone QT_Metals_1649-23538-ZK
Kaufman KONA Solids - Bone
List Price: $8.49
Your Price: $9.00
Choice_I one on I one_BD-21677-B03 QT_Juliette_1649-26815-B Ink & Arrow Fabrics Indian Paintbrush 1649-26135-K
Quilting Treasures Brooke 1649-26322-H Quilting Treasures Ombre Dots 1649-23413-V Free Spirit Fragments PWEM106 Peach
Camelot Fabrics_Disney Pixar Cars-Gears_85070103 / 01 Camelot Fabrics_Princess Heart Strong-Mulan_85100407 / 01 QT_Bethel_1649-26247-E
Your Price: $10.00


Manufacturer: Quilting Treasures
Mfgr's Name: Bethel
Mfgr's Item/Style: 1649-26247
Mfgr's Color No: -E
Fiber: 100% cotton
Width: 44/45 inches (112/114 cm)

Choice_Patriotic Prints_BD-48489-A03 Kaufman Delphine AHE-17637-192-Spring Windham_Birdsong_50645-6

Choice_Patriotic Prints_BD-48489-A03

Manufacturer: Choice Fabrics
Mfgr's Name: Patriotic Prints
Mfgr's Item/Style: BD-48489-A03
Mfgr's Color No: -
Fiber: 100% cotton
Width: 44/45 inches (112/114 cm)

QT_Metals_1649-23538-ZK QT_Juliette_1649-26815-B Kaufman Mayfield SRK-16960-199 Antique
Choice_Tone on Tone_BD-49815-B01 Choice_Tone on Tone_BD-49815-B01 Springs Creative - Dreams Blossom - CP66995
P&B_Sailors Rest_04120 / NE Quilting Treas Juliette 1649-26814-J Camelot Fabrics_Star Wars-RogueOne_7370105-01