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P&B_Bear Essentials_0677-B P&B_Bear Essentials_00680 / G P&B_Bear Essentials_00680 / LS
Manufacturer: P&B Fabrics
Mfgr's Name: Bear Essentials
Mfgr's Item/Style: 00680
Mfgr's Color No: -G
Fiber: 100% cotton
Width: 44/45 inches (112/114 cm)

End of Bolt Special: One piece 0.80 yd. (29 inches). Price based on $9.00 / yd. Regularly $10.00 / yd.
P&B_The Meadow Lane_03176 / P P&B_Bear Essentials_0672-Y P&B_Bear Essentials_00677 / RV
P&B_Bear Essentials_0672-L P&B_Bear Essentials_0677-P P&B_Bear Essentials_0675-C
P&B_Bear Essentials_0679-K P&B_Little Critters_04298-S P&B_Bear Essentials_00677 / R
P&B_Bear Essentials_0673-LT P&B_Bear Essentials_00672 / R P&B_Bear Essentials_0675-C
P&B_Bear Essentials_00677 / R P&B_Sedona_04096 33 P&B_Bear Essentials_0672-L
P&B_Bear Essentials_0677-P P&B_Pastoral Song_04087-B P&B_Bear Essentials_00672 / R
P&B_Bear Essentials_0672-Y Paintbrush Studio_Classique Squiggles_120-2675-Black P&B_Bear Essentials_0677-B
P&B_Bear Essentials_0679-K P&B_Kashmir Kaleidoscope 04099-C P&B_Bear Essentials_0674-Y
P&B_Bear Essentials_0672-L P&B_Bear Essentials_0678-C P&B_Sedona_4094-SS