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How to Do a Blind Stitch
A short video showing how to do a blind stitch for hand sewing a binding on a quilt
How to Download a Downloadable Quilt Pattern
A quick walk through of how to download a downloadable quilt pattern
How to Place Your Fabric in a 3 Yard Quilt Pattern
A short video talking about where to place each of the three fabrics in a 3-yard quilt?
Economy Binding
Use less fabric to bind a quilt!
Pink Ribbons with Chenille By The Inch
Embellish a quilt with Chenille By The Inch pink ribbons.
Quilt Your Quilt with Chenille By The Inch
Apply Chenille By The Inch while stitching in the ditch.
Embellish your Quilts with Chenille By The shapes
Add fresh, fluffy Chenille By The Inch daisies to a quilt top.
Batting Together
Easy way to join batting scraps to make a whole batting.
Make the Perfect Quarter Inch Seams
Calibrate a perfect quarter inch on your machine.
How to cut a Sweatshirt
Turn plain sweatshirts into adorable jackets.
3 Yard Quilt Fabric Placement
Color placement secrets for 3 yard quilts.
Preparing Backing for a 3-Yard Quilt
How to use 3-Yards of fabric to back any of our 3 Yard Quilts

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