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How to download your digital order from Fabric Café!
John Nosal demonstrates how to download your digital order from your account after placing an order at Fabric Café.
Quilting Terminology 101 - A guide for those 3-yard quilting terms!
Donna Robertson and Fran Morgan breakdown common quilting terms you will find along your quilting journey, as well as specific terms you will come across when making a 3-yard quilt!
What Quilting Fabric to Use? | Ultimate Beginner Guide to Fabric
What fabrics should you use for your quilts? Should you pre-wash your fabrics before you start? Donna & Fran give a beginner guide to choosing your fabrics and what to use for your next quilt.
Fabric Selection Made Easy: Complete Guide for Quilters!
Fran shares her easy 3 step process when selecting fabric for a 3-yard quilt. Keeping these 3 strategies in mind you will pick the perfect fabric from your stash everytime!
Beginners guide to pattern selection with 3-yard quilts!
Donna Robertson and Hannah talk about the best place to start for beginners wanting to make their first quilt. All of Fabric Café's patterns are easy to make, but there are a few that we recommend you try first! You can find a list of our beginner patterns on our Free Goodies tab!
5 Common quilting mistakes and how to avoid them!
Nobody likes making mistakes but we are sure to make them over time. Donna and Fran offer suggestions on 5 common mistakes they come across when quilting.
Fabric Room Organizing Tips & Tricks!
Donna and Fran share some great methods on how to organize your fabric room to maximize your storage as well as keeping your crafting room nice and tidy!
How to match and place your fabric in a 3-yard quilt!
Donna Robertson shows how to match and coordinate fabric when making a 3-yard quilt! 3-yard quilts have revolutionized how we look at quilting and all you need to get started is three 1-yard cuts of fabric!
3-Yard Quilt Full Tutorial | How to Make a Friendship Star Quilt - Sew Along with Fran!
Sew along with me as I make a quick and easy Friendship Star quilt pattern from Fabric Café! In this quilting tutorial I show my quilting process from start to finish, including cutting, piecing, backing and binding!
3-Yard Quilt Top Tutorial | How to make "It's a Snap" pattern from Fabric Café!
Sew Along with Fran Morgan as she makes one of her favorite 3-yard quilt patterns "It's a Snap." You can make this quilt top in 6 hours or LESS! All you need is three, 1-yard cuts of fabric and our "It's a Snap" quilt pattern and you can start right away!
How to make the Sew Quick quilt pattern - a guide to making a quilt top!
This is a 3 part series on how to read the Sew Quick pattern, how to cut your fabrics and make your blocks, and how to sew it all together to make your quilt top! There is lots of good information for beginning quilters so we highly suggest this series as Hannah makes her first quilt.
How to make the Stepping Stones quilt pattern - A complete guide from start to finish!
This is a 5 part series that is perfect for beginning quilters. Hannah and Fran share lots of information for beginners and shows you how to read the Stepping Stones pattern, how to to cut your fabrics, how to sew your blocks, how to make your quilt top and then adding backing, binding and sending it off to get quilted.
How to enlarge your 3-yard quilts!
Fran shares how you can make your 3-yard quilt BIGGER! Everyone loves lap-size quilts, but we make enlarging your quilts easy and stress free!
3 Methods to Quilt WITHOUT a Longarm!
In this video, we're going to teach you three methods to quilt without a longarm machine! This is a great tutorial for quilters who want to hand quilt or quilt with your machine.
How to press your seams!
Pressing your seams is an important step in making your quilt! Donna Robertson shows how to press your seams open and how to press your seams to the dark side. She will also share how to press your seams into a pinwheel pattern as a bonus!
The MAGIC of Half Square Triangles!
Need help with those half square triangles? Donna and Fran break down this popular quilt block and show you how to measure and cut your half square triangles so that they come out perfect every time!
Super Easy Raw Edge Appliqué Tutorial!
We learn how super easy it is to add beautiful raw edge applique to quilts! Follow along with Fran Morgan's appliqué tutorial and her 10 steps to follow that will make your applique come out perfect every time!
How to use panels in 3-yard quilts!
3-Yard quilt patterns are fast & easy, so why not use them with your favorite panel fabric? Fran and Donna break down how to use fabric panels in a 3-yard quilt pattern.
How to make a half rectangle quilt block!
Do you have trouble with half rectangle quilt blocks? Fran Morgan steps us through the process of making a half rectangle so that we can make them quickly and easily every time.
How to make a Rail Fence quilt block!
The 3-yard quilt method make rail fence quilt blocks even easier than before! The rail fence block is a popular quilt block to use in quilting, and with with some work can create fun and intricate designs!.
How to make a four patch quilt block!
Is the four patch the fastest and most versatile quilt block? We take a look a simple four patch can make your quilts fast and fun!.
How to make fast vertical row quilts!
Donna and Fran discuss the advantages of quilting with vertical row strip assemblies vs horizontal rows, in some patterns it can be one of the fastest ways to assemble your 3 yard quilt.
How to add Borders, Backing & Binding to your 3-yard quilt!
Donna Robertson and Fran Morgan show how to add borders to a 3-yard quilt using the free quilting guides you can find on our Free Goodies tab! Fran will also demonstrate how to do an economy binding as well as a flange, or "double fold," binding. Donna shows how to coordinate fabric to use as backing material and how to prepare your backing to finish your quilt top.
How to use directional fabrics in a 3-yard quilt!
Donna Robertson shows how easy it is to use directional fabrics in a 3-yard quilt pattern and what to watch out for so that your fabric is going the right direction every time!
How to use fabric with stripes in a 3-yard quilt!
Don't fear the stripe! That's what Donna Robertson tells us as she shows how to creatively use your striped fabric in a 3-yard quilt.
How to change fabric positions in a 3-yard quilt!
What happens when you want to break the rules and move your fabric around in your quilt? All of our patterns work with focus fabric, a light fabric and a dark fabric. What if you want to change it all up? Donna shows how to do that and what some patterns may look like!
How to choose your fat quarter fabrics!
Fran Morgan shows how to pick out your fat quarter fabric when making a quilt from her book "Fat Quarter Quilting Fun."
How to select light, medium and dark fat quarter fabrics for your quilt!
Fran Morgan shows us how she finds the light, medium and dark fabrics when making a fat quarter quilt by using her phone and looking at a black and white image.
How to Do a Blind Stitch
A short video showing how to do a blind stitch for hand sewing a binding on a quilt
How to Place Your Fabric in a 3 Yard Quilt Pattern
A short video talking about where to place each of the three fabrics in a 3-yard quilt?
Economy Binding
Use less fabric to bind a quilt!
Batting Together
Easy way to join batting scraps to make a whole batting.
Make the Perfect Quarter Inch Seams
Calibrate a perfect quarter inch on your machine.
3 Yard Quilt Fabric Placement
Color placement secrets for 3 yard quilts.
How to make a Snowball quilt block!
John Nosal shows how easy it is to make a Snowball quilt block to use in a 3-yard quilt!

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